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so sick and tired

I'm 22 years old. Yes, I am a lesbian.. I've known since I was 13 and I was attracted to my Jr High Gym Teacher who was straight and not the Young male that all the girls went after. I've never had a girlfriend before, or "experienced" anything in the Lesbian world. I have tons of gay friends girls and guys, but it really upsets me when I get rejected over and over and over.

Does anyone ever feel this way? Is there anyone in Southern California that isn't "shallow" like most of them are. My myspace is www.myspace.com/miseryafi if anyone wants to add me. I could use more friends.

I need advice as well on where to meet NICE WOMEN
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thanks to the people who responded to my previous post. you said exactely what i was feeling but couldnt find the words for when i was responding to that girl's comment. sometimes i wonder if i do overreact about things (cause that would be something i do). and its nice to know im not the only one who feels that way :)
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this article came out after the golden globes. there's a video of katherine heigl being interviewed and then isaiah washington being interviewed in reference to what happened in the press room (video here...its towards the middle). this article was released today (stating basically the same thing).

i only bring this up because it was brought up in a grey's community. most people are pissed/disappointed about isaiah washington and his mouth. however there are a few people who said it was no big deal and we should let it go. which pissed me off because, to me, "faggot" is a harsh and hateful word. i do not take the use of it lightly (no matter how when or why its used). even using it right now makes my skin crawl. now people are pissed because im pissed at the use of that (and another) word. "The words may carry emotional and prejudice histories, but they don't have to carry that NOW. It's people like yourself that allow that." the words may have no meaning to her but they do to the bigots of the world. and thats why they still have meaning for me.

am i overreacting? does this girl have a point? im still inclined to punch her in the face but i wanted other opinions
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Greetings Dames!

I've just joined your wonderful community. It seems like an interesting idea and was wondering if there were going to be any more issues of this magazine? Seems like a really fun project to be involved with.

I've been a 'fag hag' since birth, lol. When I was little my favorite song was about a gay guy coming out, but I didn't know that and my mother only told me this last year! Anyway, I'm sadly a hag with no fag. My best friend in high school was gay and I think I was the first person he told. We lost contact after graduation (-cries-) and I have an e-mail address that supposedly belongs to him, but I'm too afraid to send him an e-mail. It's stupid, but what if he doesn't remember me or doesn't want to talk to me?

Since then I've been stuck in my anti-gay town and state, Pennsylvania. I suppose there are worse states and cities out there, but anything that's anti-gay it bad enough. So I've lost my connection to the gay community and I would love to be involved with it more so here I am. Hoping to contribute and slowly get my foot back into the club. BTW, if you know of any other ways to get connected again, let me know. There aren't that many gay friendly support associations and the like in my area so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

We'd appreciate your input!

Hi, I'm posting here because it is glbtq related and I feel strongly that your input can really make a difference. However, if it is not in alignment with the essence of this community, please feel free to release this post.

I want to introduce a brand-new homo/bi/t friendly community: happy_gay_life This is a community dedicated to building a positive glbtq image by sharing joyful and constructive experiences of being glbtq.

Ever wonder why there are so few glbtq stories/movies with happy endings? I did.

I figure out that it has to come from us. We've got to count our blessings and share these lovely moments with each other: the special moments that bring smiles to our faces, that make our hearts sing, that tickle us, that move us to tears of joy ... on a daily basis.

Every time you share a line of joy, you're contributing to creating a better life for yourself and building a positive glbtq image.

Come! Join us and have some fun!

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I'm sorry, but I have to leave this community. I've realized it in a lot of ways just doesn't agree with my view.

Thanks for the time here though, good luck with everything in life!
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Hi I'm bored so I figured I'd introduce myself since I'm new to the community.

My name is Jordan and I'm 16. I am straight but just recently have become a fag hag. I have always loved gay men and I've always had a few mutal gay friends. But after my cousin recently came out of the closet I became closer to my gay friends. Now I don't think a gay has gone by that I havent talked 2 my main gay and we spend every weekend together. It has been the best time of my life!

They have worn me out though they keep like randomly dragging me around all of downtown! But its been a blast. I'm really looking forward to next weekend which is PrideFest! We are getting a hotel room downtown and staying down there! It is going to be so much fun!

Well that is all for now. You will all definetely see me around the community!

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Show some love

Yesterday I was in a great rage because I saw for the first time one of the horrible Fred Phelps's propaganda videos. It filled me with anger, and shock, and contempt, and sadness.

But then, i've found this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sfln-GJ2D6E&search=Fred%20Phelps&watch2
and i kept crying for nearly an hour. It's a very moving video, very well made, very true. And it made me want to DO something, even if just a little something.
So this is it: watch it and tell me what you think. The message I want to bring is: your are not alone.