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Flame Dames-For Girls Who Love Boys who Love Boys
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Welcome to the LJ Flame Dames Community

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This is my idea for a new magazine for Girls who Love Boys who Love Boys. Something like Cosmo but only for fag hags/flame dames and the boys we love. Everyone is invited to come join in no matter if your gay, lesbian, bi, trans, pan, or straight. In fact someone in my community asked if gay boys were allowed to join and my response was hell yes. So he said I needed to make it a little clearer hehe. Gay boys are more than welcomed to join in the fun. For this community is all about the love we have for our gay community and our boys. So please feel free to join in and post pretty much anything you would like :)

Currently starting this community to get input on ideas I have for articles. This magazine will have articles on such things as: Club Scenes, Vacation Spots - Miami, New York, San Francisco - Places to Go (People to see and do hehe), Fashion Articles (what you think is hot and what you think is not)Relationships and the Single Gay Male, Relationships and the Single Girl, Questions from the Readers Section etc.... I have lots of ideas for articles and I will post questions every week and would love for you to all join in and give your viewpoints, stories, antidotes, pictures. This will be totally interactive and who knows if I can get funding and with your permission of course you may see your thoughts in actual print.

Although this is an idea for a magazine. I want you to feel free to post about your life, your boy's life, questions, concerns, stories, ideas, pretty much anything you can think of is welcome.

The only thing that I really don't want to see is anyone flaming another person. If you have a difference of opinion it's ok, just please do not be insulting about it.


Communities of interest:

sbnn (straight but not narrow)
gayconcessions (for your dose of gay entertainment)

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