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this article came out after the golden globes. there's a video of katherine heigl being interviewed and then isaiah washington being interviewed in reference to what happened in the press room (video here...its towards the middle). this article was released today (stating basically the same thing).

i only bring this up because it was brought up in a grey's community. most people are pissed/disappointed about isaiah washington and his mouth. however there are a few people who said it was no big deal and we should let it go. which pissed me off because, to me, "faggot" is a harsh and hateful word. i do not take the use of it lightly (no matter how when or why its used). even using it right now makes my skin crawl. now people are pissed because im pissed at the use of that (and another) word. "The words may carry emotional and prejudice histories, but they don't have to carry that NOW. It's people like yourself that allow that." the words may have no meaning to her but they do to the bigots of the world. and thats why they still have meaning for me.

am i overreacting? does this girl have a point? im still inclined to punch her in the face but i wanted other opinions
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