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One of my boys did the sweetest thing...(x-posted)

When I graduated last year I took two of my boys with me as my dates to my prom. Erek, who is a twenty-six pre-op female-to-male trans, and Ryan, who's seventeen and a year younger than I am.

Well this year Ryan's graduating and I just assumed he would invite one of his other friends to his prom with him...but he asked me! I almost cried like a stupid girl, haha. I was just really touched that he asked me to come, and he was all shy about it, too.

Did anyone else go to prom with one of their boys? Yours or theirs? It just seems like such a terribly fag hag thing to do, haha.

Also, is anyone else taking their boys to see Brokeback Mountain? It's supposed to be amazing, it's getting rave reviews, and I've been looking forward to it forever. I'm actually going with Ryan (or "snowflake" as I call him) this Friday, it should be fun.

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